The construction of the project is expected to be complete in December 2017.


  • Final Plans, Specifications and Estimate of Construction Cost submitted and approved.
  • Final NEPA Documents submitted and approved.
  • Project advertised for bids, received bids and awarded project for construction.
  • Contractor takes project site in December.


  • NEPA Documents (CatEx and Section 4(f)) prepared and reviewed.
  • Preliminary Plans Submitted and approved.
  • Essential Fish Habitat Assessment prepared and submitted for Atlantic Salmon – received response “the proposed project would have minimal adverse effect on EFH for Atlantic salmon. In addition, the project area will have minimal effects on other NOAA-trust resources”.


  • Design Alternatives Report prepared for NHDHR.


  • Engineering Study Completed
  • Continued consultation with public and stakeholders.


  • Cultural Resources Coordination and Public Informational Meetings.
  • Hydrology and Hydraulics Report Prepared.


  • Bridge was inspected to determine condition and gather information for the preparation of the Engineering Study.